Business community platform and market place a business community platform and market place where merchants open their showrooms and engage in direct marketing with their clients.

A platform connects Uganda’s business | service to global market through the theme of awareness. incorporated on March 20, 2019, connects people with local businesses by bringing ‘word of mouth’ to online and providing a wide platform for businesses and consumers to engage and interact. provides a podium for consumers to share their everyday local business experiences with other consumers through posting products, reviews, tips, photos and videos, and to engage directly with businesses. also provides businesses of all sizes with a range of free and paid services that help them engage with consumers.


We help businesses to become visible beyond their local Communities
Our services Include;

Business Listing

With increasing number of start Ups In Uganda, decided to help businesses to be indexed for easy accessibility and visibility across the globe.  We have created well arranged business categories where clients create their mini shops and engage in Direct marketing with their clients


An auction is usually a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid. This helped Ugandans Business to submit their Items and sell to clients. In this process, clients submit Products, and those who are interested in  a product bids on it. The highest bidder takes the product.  helps clients to sell their items at a favorable cost 

Professional Services

With Increasing number Of talents in different fields in Uganda, decided to create a well arranged professional categories where by professionals create their profiles,  those interested in their services engage with them directly without third party. This service has helped more Ugandans to get linked to those who needs their services


We help businesses capture large market shares in their respective segments online 

We enhances the overall image of the online merchant through the theme of Awareness. Consumers bring the word of mouth to online thus having a variety of choice to make. 

We Link Business to Global market
We Brand Your Business
Direct linking To Customers
Website Traffic and you rank higher
Participate in Auctioning
Rent Cost
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Businesses on Board
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Page visits per Day
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Years of Market


We focused on problems faced by businesses
in Uganda to develop this system
Business Misalignment

We Help business to strategically align to market. Get connected to clients wherever you are located


We connect business direct to clients. No more oppression by brokers or middlemen


We help clients to find products and services they are looking for and helps them to plan for their movements


We help Business to become visible to clients and widen marketing base

Branding helps SMEs to grow their brand through Brand awareness to the entire world

Unsustainable Costs

Costs for Rent, Advertisements, marketing, strategic locations is high and unbearable


Our Clients and Partners Always happy for our services 

“@MerchandiseUga great example of key services needed for the new economy linking farmers to markets…”

Rosa Malango-UN resident coordinator Uganda

“…Tools to make you rich are available, If you know how to make Chapati, eat one and sell one on some of business platforms like…”

Newton Buteraba- CEO House Of Wealth

“Own your shop on, Thank you so much. SYPY and Rosemay Organic herbs friends come visit our shops, share with your circles, what you are looking for might be found here”

Rosemary-CEO Start Young Prosper Young


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