Merchandiseuganda.com a business community platform and market place where merchants open their showroom and engage in direct marketing with their clients.

A platform connects Uganda’s business/ service to global market through the theme of awareness.

Merchandise Uganda.com incorporated on March 20, 2019, connects people with local businesses by bringing ‘word of mouth’ to online and providing a wide platform for businesses and consumers to engage and interact. Merchandise Uganda.com provides a podium for consumers to share their everyday local business experiences with other consumers through posting products, reviews, tips, photos and videos, and to engage directly with businesses.

Merchandise Uganda.com also provides businesses of all sizes with a range of free and paid services that help them engage with consumers.


  1. Direct link between suppliers/business and buyers
  2. Linking your professional service to clients.
  3. Awareness of services available in Uganda.
  4. Branding Uganda businesses and their products.
  5. To improve Quality of services in Uganda.
  6. To create a one stop community for Businesses.
  7. To open up showrooms for every interested Ugandan Businesses online.
  8. Bringing ”word of mouth to online”. Bargaining power
  9. To link Uganda products to global market
  10. Participate in Auctioning


As a service of Goodman tech systems ltd, it was developed with the aim to combine most of Uganda business and services under one roof to strengthen institutional loyalty, connection in order to improve quality and awareness of what services and businesses available in Uganda.