Most children will have a skin infection at some time. .. EgsWarts, which are benign lesions that are dermatological manifestation of Human Papilloma viruses.

-They are unusual in infancy and early childhood with the lowest prevalence among children less than 6 years old, nevertheless the incidence increases as they approach school-age.

– Molluscum contagiosum, a common, benign, self limiting viral infection of the skin. It generally affects children and is caused by a human specific poxvirus.

– Mollusca present as multiple dome shaped pearly or flesh coloured papules with a central depression.- Impetigo; Lesions are highly contagious and can spread rapidly by direct contact, through a family, nursery, or class.The condition is more common in children living in tropical climates, and in conditions of overcrowding and poor hygiene. Nasal carriage of organisms may predispose to recurrent infection in an individual.

Point to consider; . The face, arms, and legs are most often affected, plus anyone can get these skin issues though they most commonly affect children, especially those ages 2 to 5.

Have my detox, soap and jelly, that three combo should if used with proper directions from my self will clear these issues.

# shan Woraz