DELL Inspiron 14 2-In-1 Laptop With 14-Inch Touchscreen key highlights

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  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Highlights
    • Anti-glare finish allows for comfortable watching under bright lights
    • Backlit keyboard allows you to type conveniently in dim light settings
    • SmartByte technology prioritizes streaming content over other applications
    • MaxxAudio Pro pumps up your sound so that you can hear fine details
  • Integrated stereo speakers deliver high-fidelity sound for an enriched audio experience.
  • Whether you are a working professional or a student, this laptop has the capabilities to become essential component of your everyday life. This smart machine not only increases your productivity manifold, but at the same time makes many tasks smoother and hassle-free. Brought to you by Dell, this laptop comes with features and specifications that will give you power and convenience.Hassle-free multi-taskingMore the RAM, more is the multi-tasking. Fitted with an 8GB RAM, this laptop efficiently runs multiple programs and applications without any lag. This RAM is especially beneficial for those who work on heavy applications like Photoshop. This amount of memory will make switching from one program to another a smoother task.

    High speed computingIntel Core i5-8265U processor makes the laptop capable of processing instructions in a quick and efficient manner. This processor makes it possible to carry out basic and as well as advanced arithmetical, logical, editing, gaming and other input/output operations smoothly.

    Store everything you want toThe laptop features 256GB SSD storage that can be put to use for storing huge amount of data, be it pictures, videos or documents. The space is of great benefit to multimedia users and gamers.

    All the above features and a sleek and classic design together make this laptop an impressive buy. Moreover, the laptop is light in weight for enhanced portability.

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