Frank Systems Ltd

Provides tailor made electronic security solutions to Ugandans and Africa at large for business and homes. We more than 10years of combined experience in Ugandan, our team provides sophisticated electronic surveillance for Ugandan market.

What we do :Electronic fencing system: We install electric fences with in your premises to deter thieves or any un authorised Intruder.

Cctv Cameras: We have customised packages for offices ,homes, embassies, streets, schools and hospitals. Automatic Gates: We install and supply an automated gate system, supplied with back up battery that makes usage possible during power outages for long hours.

Razor wire fencing: These are designed to prevent intrusion along perimeter wall.

Car parking shades. Protect your car from weather and direct Sunlight.

Metal detectors: Metal detectors are used for finding Metal inclusions hidden within an object.

Located along kyanja. Kisasi Rd Near prime petrol station. And nakesro market,energy centre.

Phone ; WhatsApp/ call 0770900191