1. Home Lotion & Soap Dispensers Fully Automatic and manual Wall-mounted Induction Soap Dispenser School Sterilizer Hospital Toilet Soap Liquid Box Contactless Hand Sanitizer 700ml Soap Dispensers Lotion Shower
  • ★ APPLICABILITY, Soap Dispensers Compatible with all kinds of liquid hand or dish soap, and also works great with hand or body lotion,No need to refill frequently capacity re-fill tank, clever, clean and clutter-free, Even little things deserve good design.
  • ★ Soap Dispenser Pump Manual Lotion Liquid Box Bathroom Replacement Toilet Hand Cleanser Shampoo Gel Kitchen Plastic Touchless Container Clear Wall Mounted Trio Taps Automatic Foaming Suction Sensor Grey Stone Ceramic Top Black Shower White Animal Stainless.
  • Capacity: The capacity of this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is 700ml, which is suitable for various disinfectants, liquids and hand sanitizers.
  • Automatic sensor operation: intelligent automatic induction of liquid discharge, infrared sensor, avoid contact, hygienic and convenient, effectively prevent bacterial infection.
  • Visual window: The visual window can observe the liquid volume at any time, which is convenient for adding liquid in time.