Ingaba Food Africa Ltd

About Us: Ingaba Food Africa Ltd is a leading provider of fresh produce, specializing in onions and Irish potatoes sourced directly from trusted farmers. With a commitment to quality and freshness, we bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, ensuring a seamless supply chain that prioritizes both reliability and excellence.

Storage Capacity:

  • Rukiga Store: Our Rukiga facility boasts a robust storage capacity, capable of accommodating over 30 tonnes of premium onions, guaranteeing a consistent and ample supply for our customers.
  • Kampala-Bukoto Store: Our newest branch, strategically located in Bukoto before the traffic lights, offers convenient access to our fresh produce. While recently opened, this store upholds our standards of quality and efficient service. Presently, our supply originates from Rukiga, ensuring continuity and reliability.

Product Offerings:

  • Onions: We specialize in providing high-quality, flavorful onions sourced directly from local farmers. Our commitment to freshness ensures that every onion meets stringent quality standards.
  • Irish Potatoes: With a storage capacity for 10,000 kilograms, our Irish potatoes stand as a testament to our dedication to diverse and exceptional produce offerings.

Supply Chain Excellence: Ingaba Food Africa Ltd takes pride in its direct-to-market approach, cutting out intermediaries to ensure that the produce reaches consumers at its freshest. By forging strong relationships with farmers, we not only support local agriculture but also guarantee the highest quality standards for our customers.

Customer Commitment: Our dedication to customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operations. Whether it’s individuals, restaurants, or businesses, we aim to consistently provide fresh, premium produce, meeting diverse needs and exceeding expectations.

Contact Information:

At Ingaba Food Africa Ltd, we’re passionate about delivering freshness and quality with every produce item. Join us in experiencing the essence of farm-fresh goodness, straight from our stores to your table.