Our Best Grain and Wood Moisture Meter

If you’re shopping for a moisture meter, there’s a good chance someone told you to consider an Eagle Weighing Scales’ moisture meter. And with good reason.

Eagle Weighing Scales’ moisture meters  are valued around East Africa for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. If you surveyed professional woodworkers, furniture makers, musical instrument makers, flooring installers, quality control inspectors, artisans, hobbyists . . . or just about anyone else who works with wood, you’d find that many use an Eagle Weighing Scales’ moisture meter.

We believe we have the best grain and wood moisture meter that’s just right for you.

Our moisture meter products lineup – five meters in all – sets a new standard in non-invasive grain moisture measurement. They offer you advanced technology, superior accuracy, and unmatched versatility that you won’t find anywhere else.

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