• brand new machine which is shipped from abroad
  • prepaid only
  • delivery time is with in 2 months can be refunded if not delivered.
  • Highlights
    • Twin-tub washer
    • Silent operation
    • Rust proof plastic body
    • Powerful pulsator
    • Shockproof design


    Nikai washing machine make your washing task simple and easy. It will save time on laundry with the use this washing machine. The Nikai washing machine is ergonomically designed. It will allows the quick wash function. The high-quality build of this appliance provides longevity.

  • Specifications


  • Model NumberNWM1801SP
  • Weight (kg)38
  • Function/StyleTop Loading
  • Energy UsedElectric
  • Capacity 18 kg
  • Payment Method
  • Prepaid only

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