Royal Reach investments, is a company that is specialized in producing enhancing health product extracted from Uganda Organic crops. 

Our  products are of enhancing health and are Organic. The uniqueness of my products are of Best Quality and focuses on improving human health eg. Royal Honey is rich in vitamin BX, calcium, magnesium etc. and aids in insomnia, Indigestion, cough, colds, anemia, burns acne, headache etc.

Royal OKRA is high in Vitamin A &C, promotes healthy skins, regulates body temperature, prevents constipation, prevents diabetes, stabilizes blood sugar, treats sore throats, reduces risks of heart disease, high in fiber, aids vision, etc.,

Royal E.A Ginseng ( Mulondo), Improves physical strength, power and endurance, produce energy, increase power. Natural aphrodisiac. Comes with 100% Pure & Natural Herb – absolutely no additives etc.

 Location is Plot 47/49 Akiiki Nyabongo Road Mbadifa Building 1st Floor, Room 11. Mbarara City.

Royal Reach investment Contacts are 0784763741, 0703338030 ,